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 Articles - Petitions for Administration Orders Where There is a Need for Interim Measures: A Comparative Study of the Approach of the Courts in Scotla / McKenzie Skene, Donna W / Enoch, Yvonne103-121
 Articles - The No Conflict-No Profit Rules and the Corporate Fiduciary: Challenging the Orthodoxy of Absolutism / Lowry, John / Edmonds, Rod122-142
 Articles - Removing a Blot on the Landscape -- The Reform of the Doctrine of Privity / Dean, Meryll143-152
 Articles - 1996 Protocol to the 1976 Limitation Convention: A More Satisfactory Global Limitation Regime for the Next Millennium? / Soyer, B153-172
 British Business Law - Business Property / 173-187
 British Business Law - Industrial Relations / 188-191
 British Business Law - Intellectual Property / 192-195
 British Business Law - Transport: Sea / 196