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 Setting Public Funding Priorities for "Learning for Life": Recommendations of the Australian Review of Higher Education Financing and Policy / Harman, Grant7-24
 The Challenge of Lifelong Learning: Differences and Reactions of East and West German Higher Education Institutions / Kehm, Barbara M25-40
 Reversing the Flow in Higher Education: Necessary Changes in the Training of French Engineers / Jouandeau, Alain41-50
 The Changing Role of Greek Universities / Stamelos, Yorgos51-62
 Cross-Functional Teams: An Innovation or Just Another Committee? / Proehl, Rebecca A63-80
 Responsibility Centre Budgeting and Responsibility Centre Management in Theory and Practice / Lang, Daniel W81-112
 Disabled Students in Higher Education: Management for Inclusion / Danermark, Berth113-126
 The Economic Effectiveness of Higher Education in "Nation" Regions of the United Kingdom: A Comparative Study of Scotland and Wales / Hill, Stephen / McNicoll, Iain / Roberts, Annette127