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 READERS' SERVICES - Information for Readers / 12A
 READERS' FORUM - What happened to third molars? / Herrero, Pedro Mayoral14A
 READERS' FORUM - Dr Kim responds / Kim, Young14A
 READERS' FORUM - Stability of anterior open bite correction with MEAW / Huang, Greg J / Drangsholt, Mark14A
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 EDITORIAL - Orthodontics 2001 -- The Next Odyssey / Turpin, David L91
 COMMENTARY - The orthodontist and complex craniofacial anomalies / Ross, Bruce92-94
 CLINICAL REVIEW - Considerations for orthognathic surgery during growth, Part 1: Mandibular deformities / Wolford, Larry M / Karras, Spiro C / Mehra, Pushkar95-101
 CLINICAL REVIEW - Considerations for orthognathic surgery during growth, Part 2: Maxillary deformities / Woford, Larry M / Karras, Spiro C / Mehra, Pushkar102-105
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES - Postsurgical growth changes in the mandible of adolescents with vertical maxillary excess growth pattern / Mojdehi, Maryam / Buschang, Peter H / English, Jeryl D / Wolford, Larry M106-116
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES - The potential role of stereolithography in the study of facial aging / Pessa, Joel E117-120
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES - Taking the guesswork out of mandibular symphyseal distraction osteogenesis / Braun, Stanley / Hnat, William P / Hnat, Timothy W / Legan, Harry L121-126
 ORIGINAL ARTICLES - Maxillary tooth transpositions: Characteristic features and accompanying dental anomalies / Shapira, Yehoshua / Kuftinec, Mladen M127-134
 CASE REPORT - Treatment of a Class II Division 2 malocclusion with space reopening for a single-tooth implant / Sabri, Roy135-142
 CONTINUING EDUCATION - Questions and registration forms / Muhl, Zane143-144
 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF ORTHODONTISTS: ORTHODONTICS 2001 -- THE NEXT ODYSSEY - Preliminary scientific program of the 101st annual session, May 4-8, 20 / 145-195
 IN MEMORIAM - Kaare Reltan, 1903-2000 / Rygh, Per196
 DEPARTMENT OF REVIEWS AND ABSTRACTS - The long-term survival of lower second primary molars in subjects with agenesis of the premolars / Bjerklin, Krister / Bennett, John197-198
 DEPARTMENT OF REVIEWS AND ABSTRACTS - Are there any differences between the reactions to Gjessing's PG canine retraction spring in the two jaws? / Dinçer, M / Yücel-Eroglu, E / Uzuner, F D197
 DEPARTMENT OF REVIEWS AND ABSTRACTS - The changes in temporomandibular joint disc position and configuration in early orthognathic treatment: A magnet / Gökalp, Hatice / Arat, Mirzen / Erden, Ilhan197
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