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 Effects of shapes and orientations of scatterers and lattice symmetries on the photonic band gap in two-dimensional photonic crystals / Wang, Rongzhou / Wang, Xue-Hua / Gu, Ben-Yuan / Yang, Guo-Zhen4307-4313
 Relationship between gain and Yb3+ concentration in Er3+-Yb3+ doped waveguide amplifiers / Strohh”fer, Christof / Polman, Albert4314-4320
 Design of impurity band-based photonic crystal waveguides and delay lines for ultrashort optical pulses / Lan, Sheng / Nishikawa, Satoshi / Ishikawa, Hiroshi / Wada, Osamu4321-4327
 Angular effects and beam quality in optical parametric amplification / Jovanovic, Igor / Comaskey, Brian J / Pennington, Deanna M4328-4337
 Single layer light-emitting devices with high efficiency and long lifetime based on tris(2,2' bipyridyl) ruthenium(II) hexafluorophosphate / Rudmann, H / Rubner, M F4338-4345
 Two-dimensional electrical modeling of asymmetric radio-frequency discharges for geometry effect analysis. Comparison with experiments / Radouane, K / Despax, B / Yousfi, M / Couderc, J P / Klusmann, E / Meyer, H / Schulz, R / Schulze, J4346-4354
 Modeling of nonstationary vacuum arc plasma jet interaction with a neutral background gas / Gidalevich, E / Goldsmith, S / Boxman, R L4355-4360
 Thermal and pulsed laser induced surface reactions in TiSi(001) interfaces studied by spectromicroscopy with synchrotron radiation / Larciprete, R / Danailov, M / Barinov, A / Gregoratti, L / Kiskinova, M4361-4369
 Electromigration in Cu thin films with Sn and Al cross strips / Michael, Nancy L / Kim, Choong-Un4370-4376
 Interaction of two laser shocks inside iron samples / de Ress‚guier, T / Hallouin, M4377-4384
 Piezoelectric photothermal study of AlxGa1-xAs epitaxial layer (x=0.22, 0.28, and 0.5) grown on semi-insulating GaAs substrate / Fukuyama, Atsuhiko / Fukuhara, Hironori / Tanaka, Shin-ichi / Memon, Aftab A / Sakai, Kentaro / Akashi, Yoshito / Ikari, Tetsuo4385-4391
 Transient grating measurements of film thickness in multilayer metal films / Slayton, Rebecca M / Nelson, Keith A / Maznev, A A4392-4402
 Phase transformation of germanium nitride (Ge3N4) under shock wave compression / He, Hongliang / Sekine, T / Kobayashi, T / Kimoto, K4403-4406
 Structural evolution of epitaxial SrRuO3 thin films grown on SrTiO3(001) / Kim, Sang Sub / Kang, Tae Soo / Je, Jung Ho4407-4410
 Influence of low-temperature buffer layers on the optical waveguiding properties of AlxGa1-xN alloys / Dogheche, E / Ruterana, P / Omnes, F4411-4414
 Elastic oscillations of cylindrical fuses / Mahan, G D / Gladden, J R / Maynard, J D4415-4422
 Temperature dependence of the optical energy gap and Urbach's energy of CuIn5Se8 / Rinc¢n, C / Wasim, S M / Mar¡n, G / M rquez, R / Nieves, L / P‚rez, G S nchez / Medina, E4423-4428
 Interaction of guided optical waves and magnetostatic forward volume waves in a double-layered waveguide under inclined magnetic field / Xinwen, Si / Gongqiang, Liu / Wenkang, Zhang4429-4432
 Optical parameters and luminescent properties of Nd:GdVO4 crystals / Xia, H R / Jiang, H D / Zheng, W Q / Lu, G W / Meng, X L / Zhang, H J / Liu, X S / Zhu, L / Wang, J Y4433-4436
 Structure and physical properties of paracrystalline atomistic models of amorphous silicon / Voyles, P M / Zotov, N / Nakhmanson, S M / Drabold, D A / Gibson, J M / Treacy, M M J / Keblinski, P4437-4451
 How to achieve zigzag free Sm-C* state with a low pretilt angle: A numerical calculation / Wang, Chenhui / Kurihara, Ryuji / Bos, Philip J / Kobayashi, Shunsuke4452-4455
 Steady state oxygen surface content in oxygen sputtered silicon at impact energy of 5 keV per atom / Serrano, J J / Blanco, J M / Guzm n, B / De Witte, H / Vandervorst, W4456-4466
 Synthesis of GaN quantum dots by ion implantation in dielectrics / Borsella, E / Garcia, M A / Mattei, G / Maurizio, C / Mazzoldi, P / Cattaruzza, E / Gonella, F / Battaglin, G / Quaranta, A / D'Acapito, F4467-4473
 Growth of b-FeSi2 films via noble-gas ion-beam mixing of FeSi bilayers / Milosavljevic, M / Dhar, S / Schaaf, P / Bibic, N / Huang, Y-L / Seibt, M / Lieb, K P4474-4484
 Aging behavior of porous silicon electrochemically etched with the aid of Zn / Suh, K Y / Kim, Y S / Lee, Hong H4485-4488
 Enhanced ultraviolet emission and optical properties in polyvinyl pyrrolidone surface modified ZnO quantum dots / Yang, C L / Wang, J N / Ge, W K / Guo, L / Yang, S H / Shen, D Z4489-4493
 Origin of the unusual dependence of Raman D band on excitation wavelength in graphite-like materials / Sood, A K / Gupta, Rajeev / Asher, S A4494-4497
 Thermally enhanced frequency upconversion in Nd3+-doped fluoroindate glass / Menezes, L de S / Maciel, G S / Ara£jo, Cid B de / Messaddeq, Y4498-4501
 Electromigration of eutectic SnPb and SnAg3.8Cu0.7 flip chip solder bumps and under-bump metallization / Lee, T Y / Tu, K N / Frear, D R4502-4508
 Ferroelectric properties of KNbO3KTaO3 superlattices by atomic-level simulation / Sepliarsky, M / Phillpot, S R / Wolf, D / Stachiotti, M G / Migoni, R L4509-4519
 Characterization of metal-containing carbon films using Raman scattering / Huang, Q F / Yoon, S F / Rusli / Chew, K / Ahn, J4520-4525
 In-layer conductivity and photoconductivity in MnPSe3, CdPSe3, and CdPS3 / Carnabuci, A / Grasso, V / Silipigni, L / Salvato, G4526-4531
 (Ta1-xNbx)2O5 films produced by atomic layer deposition: Temperature dependent dielectric spectroscopy and room-temperature I-V characteristics / Stromme, M / Niklasson, G A / Ritala, M / Leskel„, M / Kukli, K4532-4542
 Transport of carriers in metalporous siliconc-Si device structures based on oxidized porous silicon / Balagurov, L A / Bayliss, S C / Kasatochkin, V S / Petrova, E A / Unal, B / Yarkin, D G4543-4548
 Electronic structure, diffusion, and p-doping at the AuF16CuPc interface / Shen, Chongfei / Kahn, Antoine4549-4554
 Thermal stability and contact degradation mechanisms of TaC ohmic contacts with WWC overlayers to n-type 6H SiC / Jang, T / Odekirk, B / Madsen, L D / Porter, L M4555-4559
 Giant resistance changes in (Al,Ga)As contact layers of GaAsAlAs superlattices due to deep donors / Rogozia, M / Krispin, P / Grahn, H T4560-4564
 Polarized-photoreflectance characterization of an InGaPInGaAsNGaAs NpNdouble-heterojunction bipolar transistor structure / Lin, C J / Huang, Y S / Li, N Y / Li, P W / Tiong, K K4565-4569
 Tight-binding model and electronic structure of tetrahedral zirconium silicate / Jameson, John R / Harrison, Walter / Griffin, P B4570-4577
 Dependence of carrier doping level on the photo control of (La,Sr)MnO3SrTiO3 functional heterojunction / Katsu, Hayato / Tanaka, Hidekazu / Kawai, Tomoji4578-4582
 Observation of heat flow at transition temperature in La1-xCaxMnO3+d Oxides / Zhang, Y B / Li, S / Sun, C Q / Gao, W / Dou, S X / Hing, P4583-4586
 Effective electron mobility in Si inversion layers in metal-oxide-semiconductor systems with a high-k insulator: The role of remote phonon scattering / Fischetti, Massimo V / Neumayer, Deborah A / Cartier, Eduard A4587-4608
 Structural, magnetic, and transport properties in La0.7Ca0.3Mn1-xScxO3 / Huang, Yun-Hui / Yan, Chun-Hua / Zhang, Lei / Wang, Zhe-Ming / Gao, Song / Liao, Chun-Sheng / Xu, Guang-Xian4609-4613
 Some common misconceptions concerning magnetic refrigerant materials / Pecharsky, V K / Gschneidner, K A4614-4622
 Effect of the magnetic-field orientation on the modulation period of the critical current of ramp-type Josephson junctions / Heinsohn, J-K / Dittmann, R / Contreras, J Rodr¡guez / Goldobin, E / Klushin, A M / Siegel, M / Hagedorn, D / P”pel, R / Dolata, R / Buchholz, F-Im / Niemeyer, J4623-4631
 Effect of interfaces on Gilbert damping and ferromagnetic resonance linewidth in magnetic multilayers / Berger, L4632-4638
 Ac susceptibility studies of ferrimagnetic FeCr2S4 single crystals / Tsurkan, V / Hemberger, J / Klemm, M / Klimm, S / Loidl, A / Horn, S / Tidecks, R4639-4644
 Brown's "fundamental theorem" revisited / Aharoni, Amikam4645-4650
 Investigation of off-aligned exchange coupling by torque curve and ferromagnetic resonance / Layadi, A4651-4656
 Fluctuation field and time dependence of magnetization in TbFeCo amorphous rare earth-transition metal thin films for perpendicular magnetic recording / Chekanov, A / Matsumoto, K / Ozaki, K4657-4663
 Optical and transport properties of Sb-doped SrTiO3 thin films / Wang, Huan-hua / Cui, Da-fu / Dai, Sou-yu / Lu, Hui-bin / Zhou, Yue-liang / Chen, Zheng-hao / Yang, Guo-zhen4664-4667
 Piezoelectric hysteresis analysis and loss separation / Robert, G / Damjanovic, D / Setter, N4668-4675
 Electric-field-induced polarization in the ergodic and nonergodic states of PbMg13Nb23O3 relaxor / Dkhil, B / Kiat, J M4676-4681
 Dielectric and electromechanical properties of ferroelectric-relaxor 0.9 Pb(Mg13Nb23)O3-0.1PbTiO3 thin films / Kighelman, Zian / Damjanovic, Dragan / Setter, Nava4682-4689
 Explicit formulas for effective piezoelectric coefficients of ferroelectric 0-3 composites / Wong, C K / Poon, Y M / Shin, F G4690-4700
 Dependence of electrical properties on nitrogen profile in ultrathin oxynitride gate dielectrics formed by using oxygen and nitrogen radicals / Watanabe, Koji / Tatsumi, Toru / Togo, Mitsuhiro / Mogami, Tohru4701-4707
 Microstructures of FePt-Al-O and FePt-Ag nanogranular thin films and their magnetic properties / Ping, D H / Ohnuma, M / Hono, K / Watanabe, M / Iwasa, T / Masumoto, T4708-4716
 Nanoicosahedral quasicrystalline phase in Zr-Pd and Zr-Pt binary alloys / Saida, J / Matsushita, M / Inoue, A4717-4724
 Optical, electronic, and transport properties of nanocrystalline titanium nitride thin films / Patsalas, P / Logothetidis, S4725-4734
 Residual strain effects on the two-dimensional electron gas concentration of AlGaNGaN heterostructures / Mart¡nez-Criado, G / Cros, A / Cantarero, A / Ambacher, O / Miskys, C R / Dimitrov, R / Stutzmann, M / Smart, J / Shealy, J R4735-4740
 Ion-channeling analysis of boron clusters in silicon / Selen, L J M / Janssen, F J J / van Ijzendoorn, L J / de Voigt, M J A / Theunissen, M J J / Smulders, P J M / Eijkemans, T J4741-4747
 Spontaneously forming nanostructures: Quantum dot molecules and rings / Zhang, Yangting / Floyd, Margaret / Drucker, Jeff / Kellogg, G L4748-4754
 Laser expulsion of an organic molecular nanojet from a spatially confined domain / Goto, Masashiro / Zhigilei, Leonid V / Hobley, Jonathan / Kishimoto, Maki / Garrison, Barbara J / Fukumura, Hiroshi4755-4760
 Resonant excitation of Er3+ by the energy transfer from Si nanocrystals / Watanabe, Kei / Fujii, Minoru / Hayashi, Shinji4761-4767
 Coalescence kinetics of copper clusters on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite and Dow Cyclotene, as determined by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy / Yang, D-Q / Sacher, E4768-4771
 Single-electron charging phenomena in silicon nanopillars with and without silicon nitride tunnel barriers / Pooley, D M / Ahmed, H / Mizuta, H / Nakazato, K4772-4776
 Luminescence of oxidized porous silicon: Surface-induced emissions from disordered silica micro- to nanotextures / Fritsch, E / Mihut, L / Baibarac, M / Baltog, I / Ostrooumov, M / Lefrant, S / Wery, J4777-4782
 Magnetoimpedance effect in amorphous and nanocrystalline ribbons / Hernando, B / S nchez, M L / Prida, V M / Tejedor, M / V zquez, M4783-4790
 Evidence for voltage drops at misaligned wafer-bonded interfaces of AlGaInP light-emitting diodes by electrostatic force microscopy / O'Shea, James J / Camras, Michael D / Wynne, Dawnelle / H”fler, Gloria E4791-4795
 Fabrication and characterization of epitaxial NbNMgONbN Josephson tunnel junctions / Kawakami, Akira / Wang, Zhen / Miki, Shigehito4796-4799
 Electrical effects of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of SiNx on GaAs Schottky rectifiers / Luo, B / Johnson, J W / Ren, F / Baik, K H / Pearton, S J4800-4804
 Loading effect in SiGe layers grown by dichlorosilane- and silane-based epitaxy / Menon, C / Bentzen, A / Radamson, H H4805-4809
 Bistable characteristic and current jumps in field electron emission of nanocrystalline diamond films / Wu, Kehui / Wang, X R / Liu, S / Wang, E G4810-4814
 Measurements of optical refrigeration in ytterbium-doped crystals / Epstein, R I / Brown, J J / Edwards, B C / Gibbs, A4815-4819
 Multicolor images acquisition by scanning near-field optical microscopy / Emonin, S / Held, T / Richard, N / Hollricher, O / Marti, O4820-4824
 Plastic deformation at high temperatures of pure and Mn-doped GaSb / Plaza, J L / Di‚guez, E / Jim‚nez-Melendo, M / Dom¡nguez-Rodr¡guez, A4825-4828
 Ultrasonic measurement of elastic constants of anisotropic materials with laser source and laser receiver focused on the same interface / Reverdy, F / Audoin, B4829-4835
 Taylor cone and jetting from liquid droplets in electrospinning of nanofibers / Yarin, A L / Koombhongse, S / Reneker, D H4836-4846
 Characterization of phosphorus-doped and boron-doped diamond-like carbon emitter arrays / Tsai, Chia-Lun / Chen, Chia-Fu / Lin, Chien-Liang4847-4851
 Characterization of nanostructured metal films by picosecond acoustics and interferometry / O'Hara, K E / Hu, Xiaoyuan / Cahill, David G4852-4858
 Temperature dependence of the lasing wavelength of InGaAs quantum dot lasers / Thomson, J D / Summers, H D / Smowton, P M / Herrmann, E / Blood, P / Hopkinson, M4859-4861
 Submicron nickel deposition on silicon from an electrolytic solution controlled by near-field optics / Diesinger, H / Bsiesy, A / H‚rino, R4862-4864
 Yellow-to-violet upconversion in neodymium oxide nanocrystaltitaniaormosil composite sol-gel thin films derived at low temperature / Que, Wenxiu / Kam, C H / Zhou, Y / Lam, Y L / Chan, Y C4865-4867
 Inhomogeneous incorporation of In and Al in molecular beam epitaxial AlInGaN films / Cremades, A / Navarro, V / Piqueras, J / Lima, A P / Ambacher, O / Stutzmann, M4868-4870
 Stopping cross sections for 0.3-2.5 MeV protons in GaN and InP / Ahlgren, T / Rauhala, E4871-4873
 Enhancement of magnetoresistance in the intermediate state of Pr0.5Sr0.3Ca0.2MnO3 / Chang, C W / Lin, J G4874-4876
 Crystalline orientation effects on the electronic transport properties of LaMnOy thin films / Zhang, J H / Ming, N B / Li, X G4877-4879
 Comment on: "Energy band structures of the low-dimensional antiferromagnets Sr2CuO3 and Sr2CuO2Cl2" (J. Appl. Phys. 87, 4897 (2001)) / Rosner, H / Johannes, D M / Drechsler, S-L4880-4881
 Response to "Comment on 'Energy band structures of the low-dimensional antiferromagnets Sr2CuO3 and Sr2CuO2Cl2'" (J. Appl. Phys. 90, 3708 (2001)) / Wu, Hua / Zheng, Qing-qi4882