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 Cross section data for electron-positron pair production by photons: a status report / Hubbell, J H / Seltzer, S M1-9
 The g-ray spectrum of 252Cf and the information contained within it / Gehrke, R J / Aryaeinejad, R / Hartwell, J K / Yoon, W Y / Reber, E / Davidson, J R10-21
 Optimization of the steady neutron source technique for absorption cross section measurement by using an 124Sb-Be neutron source / Sun, Jing / Gardner, Robin P22-28
 Accurate relative g-ray intensities from neutron capture on natural chromium / Belgya, T / Molnár, G L29-31
 Accurate absolute intensities for the 35Cl(n,g) reaction gamma-ray standard / Molnár, G L / Révay, Zs / Belgya, T32-35
 Measurements of neutron capture cross-sections for ADS-related studies / Milazzo, P M / Aerts, G / Berthoumieux, E / Bustreo, N / Cano-Ott, D / Cennini, P / Colonna, N / Domingo, C / Embid, M / Ferrant, L / Gonzales, E / Gunsing, F36-41
 Influence of granulation of the sample on the thermal neutron Sa measurement / Drozdowicz, Krzysztof / Gabanska, Barbara / Igielski, Andrzej / Krynicka, Ewa / Woznicka, Urszula42-48
 Neutron cross-section measurements at the nTOF facility at CERN / Colonna, N49-54
 Validation of new electron and positron data libraries / Negreanu, C / Stepanek, J / Joneja, O P / Chawla, R55-59
 Energy loss straggling of energetic 1H and 2H ions crossing polypropylene foils / Ammi, H / Mammeri, S / Allab, M60-64
 Ab initio calculation of the C1s photoelectron spectrum of C2H2 / Colle, R / Embriaco, D / Massini, M / Simonucci, S / Taioli, S65-70
 Molecular dynamic analysis of the structure of dendrimers / Canetta, E / Maino, G71-74
 Modelling of radiation transport / Molinari, V G / Manservisi, S / Rocchi, F / Teodori, F75-81
 MCNPtrade Version 5 / Forster, R Arthur / Cox, Lawrence J / Barrett, Richard F / Booth, Thomas E / Briesmeister, Judith F / Brown, Forrest B / Bull, Jeffrey S / Geisler, Gregg C / Goorley, John T / Mosteller, Russell D / Post, Susan E / Prael, Richard E82-86
 A Monte Carlo simulation approach for generating NaI detector response functions (DRFs) that accounts for non-linearity and variable flat continua / Gardner, Robin P / Sood, Avneet87-99
 A new Monte Carlo assisted approach to detector response functions / Sood, Avneet / Gardner, Robin P100-104
 Diffusion of photons with arbitrary state of polarization: the Monte Carlo code MCSHAPE / Fernandez, J E / Molinari, V G / Bastiano, M / Scot, V105-107
 Algorithmic techniques for quantitative Compton tomography / Golosio, Bruno / Brunetti, Antonio / Cesareo, Roberto108-111
 Monte Carlo simulation of charged particle diffusion through an ionized gas: contributions of simultaneous multiple collisions / Molinari, V / Teodori, F112-115
 The analog linear interpolation approach for Monte Carlo simulation of PGNAA: The CEARPGA code / Zhang, Wenchao / Gardner, Robin P116-123
 Simulating nuclear particle transport in stochastic media using Perlin noise functions / Tickner, James124-128
 Application of ion transport simulation to the backscattering in a-particle sources / Vargas, M Jurado / Fernández Timón, A / García-Torańo, E / Martín Sánchez, A129-133
 Bremsstrahlung emission spectrum for electron microprobe analysis / Manservisi, S / Molinari, V / Rocchi, F134-138
 Analytical developments in the Wong-Fung-Tam-Gao radiation model of thermal diffusivity / Lucia, U / Maino, G139-143
 The determination of residence times in a pilot plant / Ramírez, F Pablo / Cortés, M Eugenia144-148
 EGS OvrEzy, the object-oriented visual user interface for the EGS particle transport code / Yacout, Abdelfatah M / Dunn, William L149-154
 Study of Compton scattering signals in single-sided imaging applications using Monte Carlo methods / Tavora, L M N / Gilboy, W B155-161
 The status of the general radiation transport code MCBEND / Wright, G A / Shuttleworth, E / Grimstone, M J / Bird, A J162-166
 Verification of the pulse height tally in MCNP 5 / Sood, Avneet / Forster, R A / Adams, Bryce J / White, Morgan C167-171
 MCNP optimization of filtered neutron beams for calibration of the SIMPLE detector / Oliveira, C / Giuliani, F / Girard, T A / Marques, J G / Salgado, J / Collar, J I / Morlat, T / Limagne, D / Waysand, G172-176
 Thermal neutron self-shielding correction factors for large sample instrumental neutron activation analysis using the MCNP code / Tzika, F / Stamatelatos, I E177-181
 Comparison and physical interpretation of MCNP and TART neutron and g Monte Carlo shielding calculations for a heavy-ion ICF system / Mainardi, E / Premuda, F / Lee, E182-185
 Extension to cylindrical samples of the universal curve of resonance neutron self-shielding factors / Gonçalves, I F / Martinho, E / Salgado, J186-188
 Liquid metal anode X-ray sources and their potential applications / Harding, G / David, B / Schlomka, J P189-196
 Recent advances and future perspectives of position sensitive PMT / Pani, R / Pellegrini, R / Cinti, M N / Mattioli, M / Trotta, C / Montani, L / Iurlaro, G / Trotta, G / D'Addio, L / Ridolfi, S / De Vincentis, G / Weinberg, I N197-205
 Energy spectra measurements of X-ray emission from electron interaction in a dense plasma focus device / Tartari, A / Da Re, A / Bonifazzi, C / Marziani, M206-209
 Feasibility of an epithermal neutron source for BNCT based on RFQ accelerator / Terlizzi, R / Colonna, N / Bisceglie, E / Colangelo, P / Marrone, S / Rainň, A / Tagliente, G / Variale, V210-213
 Determination of the photon-contribution of a 238Pu-Be source / Mayer, Sabine / Otto, Thomas / Golnik, Natalia214-217
 Present and future trends for neutron source calibrations at the National Institute of Standards and Technology / Adams, J M218-222
 X-rays spectroscopy with a portable Compton selection chamber: detector design and results / Baldazzi, G / Bernardi, T / Fernandez, J E / Ferrari, P / Rossi, P L / Testoni, G / Zannoli, R223-226
 A new linear array detector for high resolution and low dose digital radiography / Bettuzzi, Matteo / Cornacchia, Samantha / Rossi, Massimo / Paltrinieri, Enrica / Morigi, Maria Pia / Brancaccio, Rosa / Romani, Davide / Casali, Franco227-230
 Description of the response in scintillation crystal arrays: analytical versus statistical approaches / Bonifazzi, C / Tartari, A / Cinti, M N / Nanetti, L / Pellegrini, R / Pani, R231-235
 Resolution and sensitivity as a function of energy and incident geometry for germanium detectors / Keyser, Ronald M236-240
 Detection quantum efficiency and spatial resolution of neutron CCD-detectors / Barmakov, Ju N / Bogolubov, E P / Koshelev, A P / Mikerov, V I / Ryzhkov, V I241-245
 A new method for signal acquisition and analysis in high radiation environment / Marrone, S246-249
 A new large area scintillator screen for X-ray imaging / Nagarkar, V V / Miller, S R / Tipnis, S V / Lempicki, A / Brecher, C / Lingertat, H250-254
 Developments of directional detectors with NaI(Tl)BGO scintillators / Shirakawa, Y255-259
 Building a pixellated detector for gamma-ray imaging: the PICsIT example / Labanti, C / Di Cocco, G / Ferro, G / Bottacini, E / Gianotti, F / Mauri, A / Rossi, E / Stephen, J B / Traci, A / Trifoglio, M / Valli, M260-266
 X-ray spectrometry with Peltier-cooled large area avalanche photodiodes / Fernandes, L M P / Lopes, J A M / dos Santos, J M F / Conde, C A N267-271
 A comparison between the response of compound semiconductor detectors in single and back-to-back configuration / Auricchio, N / Donati, A / Dusi, W / Perillo, E / Siffert, P272-278
 HPXe ionization chambers for g spectrometry at room temperature / Ottini-Hustache, S / Monsanglant-Louvet, C / Haan, S / Dmitrenko, V / Grachev, V / Ulin, S279-283
 Resistive plate chamber for thermal neutron detection / Arnaldi, R / Chiavassa, E / Colla, A / Cortese, P / Dellacasa, G / De Marco, N / Ferretti, A / Gallio, M / Musso, A / Oppedisano, C / Piccotti, A / Poggio, F284-288
 Phenomenological simulation of detector response for safeguards experiments / Marseguerra, Marzio / Padovani, Enrico / Pozzi, Sara A / Da Ros, Mirko289-293
 Conversion of a X-ray position sensitive detector for use in a thermal neutron tomographic system / Silvani, Maria Ines / Lopes, Ricardo T / de Jesus, Edgar F O / de Almeida, Gevaldo L / Braz, Delson / Barbosa, Ademarlaudo F294-299
 High resolution determination of the spatial distribution of radioisotopes with a digital intensified detector / Bettuzzi, Matteo / Ravaioli, Francesca / Rosa, Roberto / Rossi, Massimo / Paltrinieri, Enrica / Morigi, Maria Pia / Brancaccio, Rosa / Romani, Davide / Casali, Franco300-304
 Ideal response function of a 3He proportional counter to thermal neutrons determined by different length counters / Kudo, K / Takeda, N / Uritani, A / Koshikawa, S / Shibata, Y / Kobayashi, K / Yoshimoto, T305-309
 Channeltron operating in coincidence mode / Krecak, Z / Krcmar, M / Bogovac, M / Ljubicic, A310-314
 Radiation damage induced by 2 MeV protons in CdTe and CdZnTe semiconductor detectors / Zanarini, M / Chirco, P / Dusi, W / Auricchio, N / Cavallini, A / Fraboni, B / Siffert, P / Bianconi, M315-320
 Study of light transmittance from layers of Fricke-xylenol-orange-gel dosimeters / Gambarini, G / Birattari, C / Mariani, M / Marchesini, R / Pirola, L / Prestini, P / Sella, M / Tomatis, S321-324
 Green stimulated luminescence of ZrO2+PTFE to UV radiation dosimetry / Rivera, T / Azorín, J / Furetta, C / Falcony, C / García, M / Martínez, E325-328
 Thermoluminescence (TL) characteristics of perovskite-like KMgF3 activated by La ions / Sepulveda, F / Azorin, J / Rivera, T / Furetta, C / Sanipoli, C329-332
 Influence of pre-irradiation annealing and Lix-Co(1-x)-O thin film deposition on the TL response of soda lime glass / Balogun, F A / Ojo, J O / Ogundare, F O / Abulude, S O / Eleruja, M A / Fasasi, M K / Egharevba, G O / Ajayi, E O B333-338
 Radiotracer applications for the analysis of complex flow structure in industrial apparatuses / Thyn, Jirí / Zitny, Rudolf339-347
 Determination of 125I impurities in (123I)labelled radiopharmaceuticals, by liquid scintillation counting: sensitivity of the method / Bonardi, M L / Birattari, C / Groppi, F / Gini, L / Mainardi, C H S / Menapace, E348-350
 Separation of the alpha-emitting radioisotopes actinium-225 and bismuth-213 from thorium-229 using alpha recoil methods / Ruddy, F H / Dulloo, A R / Seidel, J G / Petrovic, B351-356
 A semi-empirical model for a 90Sr beta-particle transmission thickness gauge for aluminum alloys / Gardner, R P / Metwally, W A / Shehata, A357-363
 Obtaining molybdenum-99 in the IRT-T research reactor using resonance neutrons / Ryabchikov, A I / Skuridin, V S / Nesterov, E V / Chibisov, E V / Golovkov, V M364-368
 Reactivity analysis of solution reactors for medical-radioisotope production / Souto, Francisco J / Kimpland, Robert H369-372
 Thin-target excitation functions and optimisation of NCA 64Cu and 66,67Ga production by deuteron induced nuclear reactions on natural zinc target, for / Groppi, F / Bonardi, M L / Birattari, C / Gini, L / Mainardi, C / Menapace, E / Abbas, K / Holzwarth, U / Stroosnijder, R M F373-377
 NMIS plus gamma spectroscopy for attributes of HEU, PU and HE detection / Mihalczo, J T / Mattingly, J K / Neal, J S / Mullens, J A378-384
 Cold neutron PGAA facility at Budapest / Révay, Zs / Belgya, T / Kasztovszky, Zs / Weil, J L / Molnár, G L385-388
 Non-destructive interrogation of uranium using PGAA / Molnár, G L / Révay, Zs / Belgya, T389-393
 Elemental PGNAA analysis using gamma-gamma coincidence counting with the library least-squares approach / Metwally, Walid A / Gardner, Robin P / Mayo, Charles W394-399
 Neutron fluence rate measurements in a PGNAA 208-liter drum assay system using silicon carbide detectors / Dulloo, A R / Ruddy, F H / Seidel, J G / Lee, S / Petrovic, B / Mcilwain, M E400-405
 A practical test of a g-g coincidence measurement setup for PGAA / Ember, P P / Belgya, T / Weil, J L / Molnár, G L406-409
 The characterization of legacy radioactive materials by gamma spectroscopy and prompt gamma activation analysis (PGAA) / English, Gerald A / Firestone, Richard B / Perry, Dale L / Reijonen, Jani / Ludewigt, Bernhard / Leung, Ka-Ngo / Garabedian, Glenn / Molnar, Gabor / Revay, Zsolt410-413
 An application of gammaX-rayweighing methods for the complete in field assay of nuclear materials / Brunetti, G / Frazzoli, F V / Parise, D / Dragnev, T / Abedin-Zadeh, R / Aparo, M / Guardini, S / Ravazzani, A414-417
 A unit for inspection of materials using differential gamma-ray scattering technique / Chankow, Nares / Pojchanachai, Saraparn418-421
 Probe for determination of ash in coal stockpiles / Borsaru, M / Charbucinski, J / Rojc, A / Thanh, N D / Tuy, N T422-425
 A simple technique to improve sensitivity of a b backscatter gauge / Chankow, Nares / Pattarasumunt, Attaporn / Po-Lee, Chalermpong426-428
 Isotopic uranium and plutonium analysis by alpha-particle spectrometry / Rubio Montero, M P / Martín Sánchez, A / Carrasco Lourtau, A M429-433
 Hidden substances identification by detection of fast neutron induced g rays using associated a particle technique / Blagus, Sasa / Sudac, Davorin / Valkovic, Vladivoj434-438
 Method and system based on pulsed neutron generator for fissile material detection in luggage / Bogolubov, Ye P / Korotkov, S A / Korytko, L A / Morukov, V G / Nazarov, V I / Polkanov, Yu G / Khasaev, T O439-444
 The soil moisture and its relevance to the landmine detection by neutron backscattering technique / Obhodxlas, Jasmina / Sudac, Davorin / Nadxl, Karlo / Valkovic, Vlado / Nebbia, Giancarlo / Viesti, Giuseppe445-451
 Detection of explosives and illicit drugs using neutrons / Király, B / Sanami, T / Dóczi, R / Csikai, J452-456
 Neutron back-scattering sensor for the detection of land mines / Fioretto, E / Barbui, M / Giangrandi, S / Cinausero, M / Prete, G / Nebbia, G / Viesti, G457-459
 The role of neutron based inspection techniques in the post 91101 era / Gozani, Tsahi460-463
 Experience with a prototype of the Test Ban Treaty monitoring system for air-borne radioactivity / Measday, David F / Ho, Ernest C Y464-468
 Sherlock Holmes counts the atoms / Tuniz, C / Zoppi, U / Hotchkis, M A C469-475
 High-speed digital radiography using structured CsI screens / Nagarkar, V V / Tipnis, S V / Gaysinskiy, V / Miller, S R / Shestakova, I476-480
 A radio-optic method for measuring relative motion / Dunn, William L481-485
 Low-energy ED-XRF spectrometry application in gold assaying / Marucco, Alessandra486-490
 Use of X-ray computed tomography for the estimation of parameters relevant to the modeling of acoustic scattering from the seafloor / Muzi, L / Lyons, A P / Pouliquen, E491-497
 Research on fatigue cracking growth parameters in asphaltic mixtures using computed tomography / Braz, D / Lopes, R T / Motta, L M G498-502
 Measurements within cloud cavitation by means of X-ray attenuation device / Barouch, G / Legoupil, S / Stutz, B / Woo, R503-506
 Characterisation of coal and minerals using Compton profile analysis / Tickner, James / Roach, Greg507-510
 Impurities and evaluation of induced activity of SiCfSiC composites / Stamatelatos, I E / Mergia, K / Lefkopoulos, G / Forrest, R511-514
 Contribution of Coulomb excitation techniques in quantitative analysis of materials / Craciun, L / Dragulescu, E / Muresan, O / Serban, A T / Racolta, P M515-518
 Study of diffusion at surface of multilayered CuAu films on monocrystalline silicon / Benazzouz, C / Benouattas, N / Iaiche, S / Bouabellou, A519-522
 Quality control by autoradiography for the thin layer activation technique / Manderlier, N / Delvigne, T523-526
 The use of prompt gamma activation analysis (PGAA) for the analyses and characterization of materials: Photochromic materials / Perry, Dale L / English, Gerald A / Firestone, Richard B / Leung, Ka-Ngo / Reijonen, Jani / Ludewigt, Bernhard / Garabedian, Glenn / Molnar, Gabor L / Revay, Zs527-529
 In situ determination of sulphur in coal seams and overburden rock by PGNAA / Borsaru, M / Berry, M / Biggs, M / Rojc, A530-534
 Prompt gamma activation analysis of boron in reference materials using diffracted polychromatic neutron beam / Byun, S H / Sun, G M / Choi, H D535-539
 Development of an oil-in-soil meter using neutron moderation and microwave attenuation / Tominaga, Hiroshi / Imadate, Fumio / Kawabata, Junichi / Tachikawa, Noboru / Sasaki, Hiroshi / Yoshida, Hiroshi540-543
 A large area scanning system using 14 MeV neutron tagged beams for non-destructive assays / Lunardon, M / Nebbia, G / Pesente, S / Romagnoli, G M / Viesti, G / Barbui, M / Cinausero, M / Fioretto, E / Prete, G / D'Erasmo, G / Palomba, M / Pantaleo, A544-547
 X-ray fluorescence and the study of microcirculation / Muthuvelu, P / Hugtenburg, R P / Bradley, D A / Winlove, C P548-551
 Anomalous Rayleigh scattering with dilute concentrations of elements of biological importance / Hugtenburg, Richard P / Bradley, David A552-555
 Effect of gallium on in vitro aortic valve cusp mineralization - EDXRF studies / Wróbel, A / Goncerz, G / Kunz, J / Podolec, P / Rokita, E556-559
 Optimization of an in vivo X-ray fluorescence mercury measurement system / O'Meara, J M / Börjesson, J / Chettle, D R / Mcneill, F E560-563
 A synchrotron XRF study on trace elements and potassium in breast tissue / Geraki, K / Farquharson, M J / Bradley, D A / Hugtenburg, R P564-568
 Elemental mapping of teeth using (micro)SRXRF / Anjos, M J / Barroso, R C / Pérez, C A / Braz, D / Moreira, S / Dias, K R H C / Lopes, R T569-573
 Preliminary studies on K and L coincidence spectroscopy for optimizing the in vivo XRF measurement of lead in bone / Guo, Weijun / Gardner, Robin P / Metwally, Walid A574-578
 A study of MDL improvement for the in vivo measurement of lead in bone / Nie, Huiling / Chettle, David / Stronach, Ian / Arnold, Michelle / Huang, Shibin / Mcneill, Fiona / O'Meara, Joanne579-583
 Determination of lead in blood by TXRF and its correlation to environmental lead / Martinez, T / Lartigue, J / Avila-Perez, P / Zarazua, G / Cabrera, L / Tejeda, S / Ramirez, A584-589
 Distribution and chemical state analysis of iron in the Parkinsonian substantia nigra using synchrotron radiation micro beams / Ide-Ektessabi, Ari / Kawakami, Takuo / Watt, Frank590-594
 Measurements of X-ray scatter signatures for some tissue-equivalent materials / Poletti, M E / Gonçalves, O D / Mazzaro, I595-598
 The effect of lead in bone densitometry / Popovic, Marija / Mcneill, Fiona E / Webber, Colin E / Chettle, David R599-602
 Dual energy imaging in mammography: Cross-talk study in a Si array detector / Baldazzi, G / Bollini, D / Gambaccini, M / Gombia, M / Ramello, L / Tuffanelli, A603-606
 Feasibility of X-ray interstitial radiosurgery based on plasma focus device / Tartari, Agostino / Da Re, Andrea / Mezzetti, Franco / Angeli, Ergisto / De Chiara, Paola607-610
 Feasibility analysis of a Plasma Focus neutron source for BNCT treatment of transplanted human liver / Benzi, V / Mezzetti, F / Rocchi, F / Sumini, M611-615
 An electron beam imaging system for quality assurance in IORT / Casali, F / Rossi, M / Morigi, M P / Brancaccio, R / Paltrinieri, E / Bettuzzi, M / Romani, D / Ciocca, M / Tosi, G / Ronsivalle, C / Vignati, M616-620
 Selective perturbation of in vivo linear energy transfer using high-Z vaginal applicators for Cf-252 brachytherapy / Rivard, M J / Evans, K E / Leal, L C / Kirk, B L621-625
 Remote afterloading for intracavitary and interstitial brachytherapy with californium-252 / Tacev, Taco / Grigorov, Grigor / Papírek, Tomás / Kolarík, Vladimír626-628
 Californium-252 versus conventional gamma radiation in the brachytherapy of advanced cervical carcinoma: comparative treatment results of a 10-year, r / Tacev, Taco / Strnad, Vratislav / Ptácková, Blanka629-632
 Procedural and practical applications of radiation measurements for BNCT at the HFR Petten / Moss, R L / Stecher-Rasmussen, F / Rassow, J / Morrissey, J / Voorbraak, W / Verbakel, W / Appelman, K / Daquino, G G / Muzi, L / Wittig, A / Bourhis-Martin, E / Sauerwein, W633-636
 Development of a treatment planning system for BNCT based on positron emission tomography data: preliminary results / Cerullo, N / Daquino, G G / Muzi, L / Esposito, J637-640
 Spectrum shaping assessment of accelerator-based fusion neutron sources to be used in BNCT treatment / Cerullo, N / Esposito, J / Daquino, G G641-645
 Dose responses of diamond detectors to monoenergetic X-rays / Yin, Z / Hugtenburg, R P / Green, S / Beddoe, A H646-649
 Recombination index of radiation quality of low-LET radiation / Golnik, Natalia / Mayer, Sabine / Zielczynski, Mieczyslshtslsaw650-653
 Calculation of effective dose from external exposure to photons for the Male Adult voXel (MAX) phantom / Vieira, J W / Kramer, R / Lima, F R A654-657
 Dosimetric control of 90Sr-90Y source trains for endovascular brachytherapy by radiochromic film / Tondeur, François / Gerardy, Isabelle / Guillaume, Joseph / Van Dycke, Michel658-661
 Monte Carlo simulation for dose distribution calculations in a CT-based phantom at the Portuguese gamma irradiation facility / Oliveira, Carlos / Yoriyaz, Hélio / Oliveira, M Carmo / Ferreira, L M662-665
 In-phantom dose mapping in neutron capture therapy by means of solid state detectors / Baccaro, S / Cemmi, A / Colombi, C / Fiocca, M / Gambarini, G / Lietti, B / Rosi, G666-669
 The use of radiation for the study of material of cultural heritage significance / Creagh, D C / Otieno-Alego, V670-676
 Paintings - high-energy protons detect pigments and paint-layers / Denker, A / Opitz-Coutureau, J677-682
 Radiation applications in art and archaeometry - X-ray fluorescence applications to archaeometry. Possibility of obtaining non-destructive quantitativ / Milazzo, Mario683-692
 A compact (micro)-XRF spectrometer for (in situ) analyses of cultural heritage and forensic materials / Vittiglio, G / Bichlmeier, S / Klinger, P / Heckel, J / Fuzhong, W / Vincze, L / Janssens, K / Engström, P / Rindby, A / Dietrich, K / Jembrih-Simbürger, D / Schreiner, M693-698
 Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescent (ED XRF) analyzer X-Art for investigation of artworks / Serebryakov, A S / Demchenko, E L / Koudryashov, V I / Sokolov, A D699-702
 Portable equipment for energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analysis of Giotto's frescoes in the Chapel of the Scrovegni / Cesareo, Roberto / Castellano, Alfredo / Buccolieri, Giovanni / Quarta, Stefano / Marabelli, Maurizio / Santopadre, Paola / Leole, Marcella / Brunetti, Antonio703-706
 Investigation of defects in Fresco substrates by means of the ECoSp imaging system and the principal component image analysis / Bonifazzi, C / Lodi, E / Maino, G / Muzzioli, V / Nanetti, L / Ludwig, N / Milazzo, M / Tartari, A707-711
 Multivariate image analysis of ECoSp Compton spectra / Bonifazzi, C / Lodi, E / Maino, G / Muzzioli, V / Nanetti, L / Tartari, A712-716
 Spread of façon-de-Venise glassmaking through central and western Europe / Smit, Z / Janssens, K / Schalm, O / Kos, M717-722
 Determination of localized Fe2+Fe3+ ratios in inks of historic documents by means of (micro)-XANES / Proost, K / Janssens, K / Wagner, B / Bulska, E / Schreiner, M723-728
 Study of inks on paper engravings using portable EDXRF spectrometry / Ferrero, J L / Roldán, C / Juanes, D / Carballo, J / Pereira, J / Ardid, M / Lluch, J L / Vives, R729-734
 X-ray fluorescence in research on Czech cultural monuments / Cechák, T / Gerndt, J / Kopecká, I / Musílek, L735-740
 EDXRF study of Prehistoric artefacts from Quinta do Almaraz (Cacilhas, Portugal) / Araújo, M Fátima / de Barros, Luís / Teixeira, Ana Cristina / de Melo, Ana Avila741-746
 MicroCT Scan in paleobiology: application to the study of dental tissues / Rossi, M / Casali, F / Romani, D / Bondioli, L / Macchiarelli, R / Rook, L747-750
 Dating sediment deposits on Montalvanian carvings using EPR and TL methods / Sastry, M D / Sullasi, Henry S L / Camargo, Fabiola / Watanabe, Shigueo / Prous, André P P / Silva, Martha M C751-755
 Irradiation for dating Brazilian fish fossil by thermoluminescence and EPR technique / Sullasi, H S / Andrade, M B / Ayta, W E F / Frade, M / Sastry, M D / Watanabe, S756-760
 Application of synchrotron radiation microbeams to environmental monitoring / Ide-Ektessabi, Ari / Shirasawa, Koyo / Koizumi, Akio / Azechi, Miki761-765
 Laboratory scale studies on mitigation of high 222Rn concentrations in air and water / Mamoon, A / Gomma, M A / Sohsah, M766-769
 Air pollution biomonitoring survey in Morocco using k0-INAA / El Khoukhi, T / Cherkaoui, R M / Gaudry, A / Ayrault, S / Senhou, A / Chouak, A / Moutia, Z / Chakir, E770-774
 Monitoring the radon flux from gold-mine dumps by g-ray mapping / Lindsay, R / de Meijer, R J / Maleka, P P / Newman, R T / Motlhabane, T G K / de Villiers, D775-778
 Modelling the dispersion of 137Cs in marine ecosystems with Monte Carlo methods / Toscano-Jimenez, M / García-Tenorio, R779-783
 TRXRF analysis of environmental lead and heavy metals to monitor pollution in Caracas, Venezuela / Suarez, S M / Sajo-Bohus, L / Greaves, E D / Dominguez, J R / Villar, E784-788
 Author index / 789