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 American Association of Physics Teachers: Citations for Distinguished Service, 2004 / Chiaverina, Chris727-729
 Resource Letter NSST-1: The nature and status of string theory / Marolf, Donald730-741
 Teaching neutrino oscillations / Waltham, Chris742-752
 Connecting thermodynamics to students' calculus / Cannon, Joel W753-757
 Parametric resonance and nonlinear string vibrations / Rowland, David R758-766
 Clouds in planetary atmospheres: A useful application of the Clausius-Clapeyron equation / Sánchez-Lavega, Agustín / Pérez-Hoyos, Santiago / Hueso, Ricardo767-774
 Spinning eggs-which end will rise? / Sasaki, Ken775-781
 A dunking bird of the second kind / Abraham, Nadine / Palffy-Muhoray, Peter782-785
 The inertia tensor of a magic cube / Rogers, Adam / Loly, Peter786-789
 Kinematic subtleties in Einstein's first derivation of the Lorentz transformations / Martínez, Alberto A790-798
 Critical slowing down at a bifurcation / Tredicce, J R / Lippi, G L / Mandel, Paul / Charasse, B / Chevalier, A / Picqué, B799-809
 Classical solutions for a free particle in a confocal elliptic billiard / Bandres, Miguel A / Gutiérrez-Vega, Julio C810-817
 An improved calculation of the mass for the resonant spring pendulum / Christensen, Joseph818-828
 Teaching a single physics module through Problem Based Learning in a lecture-based curriculum / van Kampen, Paul / Banahan, Caroline / Kelly, Michael / Mcloughlin, Eilish / O'Leary, Eoin829-834
 Classroom demonstrations: Learning tools or entertainment? / Crouch, Catherine H / Fagen, Adam P / Callan, J Paul / Mazur, Eric835-838
 An experiment in rotational motion with linear and quadratic drag / Thompson, B G / Smith, P A839-842
 An acoustic radiometer / Denardo, Bruce / Simmons, Timothy G843-845
 Statistical Mechanics Made Simple: A Guide for Students and Researchers / Mattis, Daniel C / Pelcovits, Robert846