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 This Issue: Differentiated Instruction / Tomlinson, Carol183-184
 A Rationale for Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom / George, Paul S185-193
 Differentiating Instruction for Disabled Students in Inclusive Classrooms / Broderick, Alicia / Mehta-Parekh, Heeral / Reid, D Kim194-202
 Unlocking the Potential of African American Students: Keys to Reversing Underachievement / Jackson, Yvette203-210
 Challenges and Possibilities for Serving Gifted Learners in the Regular Classroom / Vantassel-Baska, Joyce / Stambaugh, Tamra211-217
 Cultural Diversity, Motivation, and Differentiation / Ginsberg, Margery B218-225
 The Role of Assessment in Differentiation / Moon, Tonya R226-233
 Differentiated Instruction and Educational Standards: Is Detente Possible? / Mctighe, Jay / Brown, John L234-244
 Styles of Thinking as a Basis of Differentiated Instruction / Sternberg, Robert J / Zhang, Li-fang245-253
 Differentiation and High-Stakes Testing: An Oxymoron? / Brimijoin, Kay254-261
 Grading and Differentiation: Paradox or Good Practice? / Tomlinson, Carol Ann262-269
 Additional Resources for Classroom Use / 270