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 Structural phase transitions and crystal chemistry of the series Ba2 LnB´O6 (Ln=lanthanide and B´=Nb5+ or Sb5+) / Saines, Paul J / Kennedy, Brendan J ; Elcombe, Margaret M401-409
 Crystal structure and phonon properties of noncentrosymmetric LiNaB4O7 / Maczka, M / Waskowska, A ; Majchrowsk i, A ; Zm ija, J ; H anuza, J ; Pet erson, G A ; Keszler, D A410-419
 Local structure and influence of bonding on the phase-change behavior of the chalcogenide compounds K1- x Rb x Sb5S8 / Wachter, J B / Chrissafis, K ; Petko v, V ; Malliaka s, C D ; Bilc, D ; K yratsi, Th ; Paraskev opoulos, K M ; Mahanti, S D ; Torbrü gge, T ; Eckert, H ; Kanatzidis, M G420-431
 Synthesis and single crystal structures of ternary phosphides Li4SrP2 and AAeP (A=Li, Na; Ae=Sr, Ba) / Dong, Yongkwan / Disalvo, Francis J432-439
 Metal valences in electron-doped (Sr,La)2FeTaO6 double perovskite: A 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy study / Rautama, E-L / Lindén, J ; Yamauch i, H ; Karppinen, M440-445
 Hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure, and characterization of a new pseudo-two-dimensional uranyl oxyfluoride, [N(C2H5)4]2[(UO2)4(OH2)3F10] / Ok, Kang Min / O'Hare, Dermot446-452
 Habit modification of calcium carbonate in the presence of malic acid / Mao, Zhaofeng / Huang, Jianhua453-460
 High-yield synthesis and characterization of monodisperse sub-microsized CoFe2O4 octahedra / Liu, Xian-Ming / Fu, Shao-Y un ; Zhu, Lu-Ping461-466
 Energy transfer and heat-treatment effect of photoluminescence in Eu3+-doped TbPO4 nanowires / Di, Weihua / Wang, Xiaoj un ; Zhu, Pei feng ; Chen, Baojiu467-473
 Structural and magnetic study of the cation-ordered perovskites Ba2- x Sr x ErMoO6 / Cussen, Edmund J474-483
 The effect of B2O3 addition on the crystallization of amorphous TiO2-ZrO2 mixed oxide / Mao, Dongsen / Lu, Guanzhong484-488
 Template free fabrication of hollow hematite spheres via a one-pot polyoxometalate-assisted hydrolysis process / Mao, Baodong / Kang, Zhenh ui ; Wang, Enbo ; Tian, C hungui ; Zhang, Zhiming ; Wan g, Chunlei ; Song, Yanli ; Li, Meiye489-495
 The Pr2Se3-PrSe2 system: Studies of the phase relationships and the modulated crystal structure of PrSe1.85 / Doert, Thomas / Graf, Christi an ; Schmidt, Peer ; Vasilieva, Inga G ; Sim on, Paul ; Carrillo-Cabrera, Wilder496-509
 High-pressure phase transition in LiBH4 / Talyzin, A V / Andersson, O ; Sundqvis t, B ; Kurno sov, A ; Dubrovinsky, L510-517
 Structure characterization of 1:1 adducts of metal(II) halides and piperazine / Yu, Jie-Hui / Hou, Q in ; Wang, Tie- Gang ; Zhang , Xiao ; Xu, Ji-Qing518-522
 Thermodynamic studies on SrFe12O19(s), SrFe2O4(s), Sr2Fe2O5(s) and Sr3Fe2O6(s) / Rakshit, S K / Parida, S C ; Das h, S ; Si ngh, Z ; Sen, B K ; Venugopal, V523-532
 Chemical bonding in EuTGe (T=Ni, Pd, Pt) and physical properties of EuPdGe / Rocquefelte, Xavier / Gautier, Rég is ; Halet, Jean-Fran çois ; Müllmann , Ralf ; Rosenhahn, Carsten ; Mose l, Bernd D ; Kot zyba, Gunter ; Pöttgen, Rainer533-540
 Composition and temperature dependent phase transitions in Co-W double perovskites, a synchrotron X-ray and neutron powder diffraction study / Zhou, Qingdi / Kennedy, Brendan J ; Elcombe, Margaret M541-548
 The local crystal chemistry and dielectric properties of the cubic pyrochlore phase in the Bi2O3 M 2+ONb2O5 (M 2+=Ni2+ and Mg2+) systems / Nguyen, Binh / Liu, Y un ; Withers, Ray L549-557
 A novel nanomolecular organic-inorganic hybrid compound: Na2[NH(CH2CH2OH)3]4\{Mo36O112(OH2)14[OHCH2CH2NH(CH2- CH2OH)2]2\}·nH2O (n≈72) exhibiting a supramolecular one-dimensional chainlike structure / Liang, Da-Dong / Liu, Shu-X ia ; Wang, Chun- Ling ; Ren, Yuan-Hang558-563
 Mesoporous aluminosilicate ropes with improved stability from protozeolitic nanoclusters / Zheng, Junlin / Kong, Dej in ; Yang, We imin ; Xie, Zaiku ; Wu, Dong ; Sun, Yuhan564-570
 Structural change of layered perovskite La2Ti2O7 at high pressures / Zhang, F X / Lian, J ; Becke r, U ; Ewin g, R C ; W ang, L M ; H u, Jingzhu ; Saxena, S K571-576
 Low-alkali metal content in [Beta]-vanadium mixed bronzes: The crystal structures of [Beta]-K x (V,Mo)6O15 (x=0.23 and 0.32) by single-crystal X-ray diffraction / Zema, Michele / Ghigna, Pao lo ; Tarantino, Serena C577-582
 Construction of a double-layered tetrahedral network within a perovskite host: Two-step route to the alkali-metal-halide layered perovskite, (Li x Cl)LaNb2O7 / Viciu, Liliana / Kodenkandath, Thomas A ; Wiley, John B583-588
 The relationship between the thermal expansions and structures of ABO4 oxides / Li, Huiling / Zhou, Shiho ng ; Zhang, Siyuan589-595
 Preparation, crystal structure and thermal expansion of a new bismuth barium borate, BaBi2B4O10 / Miletic, G I / Blazina, ZAA:Magnetic properties of DyCo5 and TbCo5 intermetallics from the electronic structure calculations604-610
 A sol-gel route for the development of rare-earth aluminum borate nanopowders and transparent thin films / Maia, Lauro J Q / Mastelaro, Valmor R ; Pairis, Sebas tien ; Hernandes, Ant onio C ; Ibanez, Alain611-618
 Structural, spectroscopic and photoluminescence studies of LiEu(WO4)2- x (MoO4) x as a near-UV convertible phosphor / Chiu, Chuang-Hung / Wang, Ming-Fa ng ; Lee, Chi- Shen ; Chen, Teng-Ming619-627
 Structure and magnetism of rare-earth-substituted Ca3Co2O6 / Hervoches, Charles H / Fjellvåg, Helm er ; Kjekshus, Arne ; Fredenborg, Vivian Miksch ; Hauback, Bjørn C628-635
 Ternary rare earth and actinoid transition metal carbides viewed as carbometalates / Dashjav, Enkhtsetseg / Kreiner, Gui do ; Schnelle, Wa lter ; Wagner, F rank R ; Kniep, Rüdiger ; Jeitschko, Wolfgang636-653
 Carbon nanotube assisted synthesis of CeO2 nanotubes / Zhang, Dengsong / Fu, Hongx ia ; Shi, Liyi ; Fang, J ianhui ; Li, Qiang654-660
 Bi2 n +4Mo n O6( n +1) with n=3, 4, 5, 6: A new series of low-temperature stable phases in the mBi2O3 - MoO3 system (1.0m1.7): Structural relationships and conductor properties / Vila, Eladio / Landa-Canovas, Ángel R ; Galy, Jean ; Iglesias, Juan E ; Castro, Alicia661-669
 Titanium vacancy defects in sol-gel prepared anatase / Grey, Ian E / Wilson, Nicholas C670-678
 Synthesis and characterization of Ti1-2 x Nb x Ni x O2- x 2 solid solutions / Martos, Mónica / Julián, Beatr iz ; Dehouli, H akim ; Gourier, Didier ; Cordoncillo , Eloisa ; Escribano, Purificación679-687
 On the relaxationtransformation of NiO-dissolved TiO2 condensates with fluorite-type derived structures / Huang, Chang-Ning / Shen, Pouy an ; Chen, Shuei-Yuan688-694
 Hydrophilic and hydrophobic nano-sized Mn3O4 particles / Gibot, Pierre / Laffont, Lydia695-701
 Quantum chemical and spectroscopic analysis of calcium hydroxyapatite and related materials / Khavryuchenko, V D / Khavryuchenko, O V ; Lisnyak, V V702-712
 Hydrothermal synthesis, structure and thermal stability of diamine templated layered uranyl-vanadates / Rivenet, Murielle / Vigier, Nicol as ; Roussel, Pa scal ; Abraham, Francis713-724
 Preparation and visible-light photocatalytic activity of Ag3VO4 powders / Hu, Xuexiang / Hu, Chun725-732
 Crystal chemistry of the G-phases in the \{Ti, Zr, Hf\}-Ni-Si systems / Grytsiv, A / Chen, Xing-Q iu ; Rog l, P ; Podlou cky, R ; Sc hmidt, H ; Giester, G ; Pomjakushin, V733-741
 High-pressure synthesis, crystal structure, and properties of the first ternary hafniumborate [Beta]-HfB2O5 / Knyrim, Johanna S / Huppertz, Hubert742-748
 Structural study of VO x doped aluminium fluoride and aluminium oxide catalysts / Scheurell, Kerstin / Scholz, Gudr un ; Kemnitz, Erhard749-758
 Synthesis, structure, optical properties, and electronic structure of NaLiCdS2 / Deng, Bin / Chan, George H ; Huang, Fu Q iang ; Gray, Dani elle L ; Ellis, Donald E ; Van Duyne, Richard P ; Ibers, James A759-764
 Charge transport properties in microcrystalline KDyFe(CN)6 / Aubert, P H / Goubard, F ; Chevro t, C ; Tabuteau, A765-771
 Synthesis, structure, and physicochemical investigations of the new [Alfa] Cu0.50TiO(PO4) oxyphosphate / Benmokhtar, S / Belmal, H ; El Jazoul i, A ; Chaminad e, J P ; Grav ereau, P ; Pechev, S ; Grenier, J C ; Villeneuve, G ; de Waal, D772-779
 Fabrication of MCM-41 mesoporous silica through the self-assembly supermolecule of [Beta]-CD and CTAB / Nan, Zhaodong / Xue, X ia ; Hou, Wa nguo ; Ya n, Xin ; Han, Shuhua780-784
 The structure and ordering of zirconium and hafnium containing garnets studied by electron channelling, neutron diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy / Whittle, Karl R / Lumpkin, Gregory R ; Berry, Fra nk J ; Oates, Gordon ; Smith, Kat herine L ; Yudints ev, Sergey ; Zaluzec, Nestor J785-791
 Synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical properties of ordered mesoporous carbons containing nickel oxide nanoparticles using sucrose and nickel acetate in a silica template / Cao, Yulin / Cao, Jiemi ng ; Zheng, Mi ngbo ; Liu, J insong ; Ji, Guangbin792-798
 Ionic liquid of [Bmim]+Cl- for the preparation of hierarchical nanostructured rutile titania / Yu, Ningya / Gong, Limi ng ; Song, Hui juan ; Liu , Yong ; Yin, Donghong799