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 Contents: Biom. J. 22007 / 171-172
 Year 2006 - Report / Brunner, Edgar / Schumacher, Martin173-175
 Modelling Forest Dynamics: A Perspective from Point Process Methods / Comas, Carlos / Mateu, Jorge176-196
 On Statistical Inference for the Random Set Generated Cox Process with Set-marking / Penttinen, Antti / Niemi, Aki197-213
 Integrating Functional Knowledge during Sample Clustering for Microarray Data using Unsupervised Decision Trees / Redestig, Henning / Repsilber, Dirk / Sohler, Florian / Selbig, Joachim214-229
 Comparison of Independent Samples of High-Dimensional Data by Pairwise Distance Measures / Kropf, Siegfried / Lux, Anke / Eszlinger, Markus / Heuer, Holger / Smalla, Kornelia230-241
 Mixture Models as a Method to Find Present and Divergent Genes in Comparative Genomic Hybridization Studies on Bacteria / Feten, Guri / Almo y, Trygve / Snipen, Lars / Aakra, ┼got / Nyquist, O Ludvig / Aastveit, Are H242-258
 Statistical Designs for Two-Color Spotted Microarray Experiments / Chai, Feng-Shun / Liao, Chen-Tuo / Tsai, Shin-Fu259-271
 Qualified Estimation of Two Measures of Diversity Within Populations / Gillet, Elizabeth M272-285
 Robustness to Failure of Assumptions of Tests for a Common Slope Amongst Several Allometric Lines - A Simulation Study / Warton, David I286-299
 Estimation of Centres and Radial Intensity Profiles of Spherical Nano-Particles in Digital Microscopy / Kvarnstr÷m, Mats / Glasbey, Chris A300-311
 Comparison between Principal Component Analysis and Independent Component Analysis in Electroencephalograms Modelling / Bugli, C / Lambert, P312-327
 Letter to the Editor / Petersen, Martin R / Deddens, James A328-329
 Authors' Reply / Blizzard, Leigh / Hosmer, David W330-331
 Book Review: Nonparametric Location Tests Against Restricted Alternatives. By W. K÷ssler / Munzel, U332