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 Response to "Predicting and Dissecting the Seat-Votes Curve in the 2006 U.S. House Election" / Arrington, Theodore S473
 Response to "Diagnosing the Leaky Pipeline" / Saez, Lawrence474
 Reply to Dr. Arrington / Kastellec, Jonathan D / Gelman, Andrew / Chandler, Jaime P474
 Protecting Human Research Participants, IRBs, and Political Science Redux: Editor's Introduction / Hauck, Robert J-P475-476
 Human Subjects Protection and Large-N Research: When Exempt is Non-Exempt and Research is Non-Research / Seligson, Mitchell A477-482
 Reforming Institutional Review Board Policy: Issues in Implementation and Field Research / Yanow, Dvora / Schwartz-Shea, Peregrine483-494
 Research Ethics Governance and Political Science in Canada / Porter, Tony495-500
 Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Aligning IRBs and Research Practice / Levine, Felice J / Skedsvold, Paula R501-506
 A Collision of Noble Goals: Protecting Human Subjects, Improving Health Care, and a Research Agenda for Political Science / Tolleson-Rinehart, Sue507-512
 Debates Are for Losers / Schrott, Peter R / Lanoue, David J513-518
 The Real (Lack of) Difference between Republicans and Democrats: A Computer Word Score Analysis of Party Platforms, 1996-2004 / Kidd, Quentin519-526
 Gaming Arizona: Public Money and Shifting Candidate Strategies / Miller, Michael527-532
 The Colbert Bump in Campaign Donations: More Truthful than Truthy / Fowler, James H533-540
 Information They Can Trust: Increasing Youth Voter Turnout at the University / Bogard, Cynthia J / Sheinheit, Ian / Clarke, Reneé P541-546
 Using the Internet to Create Research Opportunities: The New Virtual Communities of TESS and the American National Election Studies / Loftis, Kenyatha V / Lupia, Arthur547-550
 On Europe's Representation: A Symbolic Interpretation of Rejecting the Constitution / Zowislo-Grünewald, Natascha551-556
 Two Houses: Legislative Studies and the Atlantic Divide / Martin, Shane557-566
 Are the Nation's Leading Political Science Programs Practicing the Egalitarian Values Espoused in American Democracy in an Age of Rising Inequality, And if Not, How Can They? / Oldfield, Kenneth567-574
 Getting a Job at a Teaching Institution-and Then Succeeding: A QA with Experienced Teacher-Scholars / Mathews-Gardner, Lanethea / Deardorff, Michelle D / Reeher, Grant / Hudson, William / Borrelli, Maryanne / Halva-Neubauer, Glen575-578
 The Equalizing Effect of the Internet on Access to Research Expertise in Political Science and Economics / Butler, Daniel M / Butler, Richard J / Rich, Jesse T579-584
 Adventures in Podcasting / Roberts, Matthew585-594
 Doing Good and Doing Well: Teaching Research-Paper Writing by Unpacking the Paper / Baglione, Lisa595-602
 Teaching with Lecture or Debate? Testing the Effectiveness of Traditional versus Active Learning Methods of Instruction / Omelicheva, Mariya Y / Avdeyeva, Olga603-608
 Participation as Assessment: Political Science and Classroom Assessment Techniques / Cohen, Mel609-612
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track One: Program Assessment / Hail, Michael W / Leithner, Anika Cornelia / Mullen, Paul Fabian / Wilkerson, William R613
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Introduction / 613
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Two: Graduate Education and Professional Development / Casey, W T / Jones, Sharon / Lowham, Elizabeth / Thies, Cameron G614
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Three: Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Inequality / Allen, Marcus D / Gordon, Kea / Mathews-Gardner, Lanethea615
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Four: Teaching Research Methods / Dion, Michelle / Coxe, Leland M / Carne, Margaret616
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Five: Simulations and Role Play I / Raymond, Chad / Vaughan, Denise617
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Six: Simulations and Role Play II / Gadson, Mark / Repetto, Deanne / Wallace, Sherri L618-619
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Seven: Core CurriculumGeneral Education / Ainuson, Kweku / Ulbig, Stacy G620-621
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Eight: Civic Engagement I / Meinke, Timothy S622
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Nine: Civic Engagement II / Datta, Robin / Laws, Serena / Williamson, Steven / Mayer, Russell623
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Ten: Teaching Across the Discipline / Boutrous, Helen / Unmack, Cynthia624
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Eleven: Internationalizing the Curriculum I / Bromley, Pam / Walker, Gloria625
 2008 APSA Teaching and Learning Track Summaries-Track Twelve: Internationalizing the Curriculum II / Choudary, Maqsood / Narasimhan, Angela Gail / Wright, Nancy626-628
 For the Record / 629-630
 People in Political Science / 629
 In the News ... / 631
 Booklist: Upcoming Publications in the Political Science Discipline / 632
 Herbert E. Alexander / Malbin, Michael J633-634
 Eleanor Main / Klehr, Harvey E / Walker, Thomas G635
 Merle Kling / Blackburn, Robert / Kautsky, John / Le Vine, Victor T / Salisbury, Robert635
 Calvin Miller / Baker, Gary / Nealy, Lisa Nikol636-637
 Morley Segal / Marshak, Robert J638
 Charles Tilly / Tarrow, Sidney639-640
 John C. Wahlke / Patterson, Samuel C / Lodge, Milton G641-642
 Nominating Committee Offers Slate for 2008-2009 Officers and Council Members / 643-654
 2008 Annual Meeting in Boston August 28-31 / 655-656
 PS Political Science & Politics October 2008 / 657
 Washington Insider / 657
 30 Most Downloaded Articles in PS, Jan. 07-Apr. 08 / 658
 Rowman and Littlefield Award Winner Named / 659
 Ralph Bunche Summer Institute Names 2008 Class / 659
 APSA Names 2008 Small Research Grant Recipients / 659
 InProfile / 660
 CenterPAGE / 660
 SMU's Tower Center Links Washington with the "Heartland" and the World / Hollifield, James F661
 Centennial Center Five-Year Anniversary / Harder, William L662-664
 News and Notes / 665
 An "I" on Congress: The Process and Products of Congressional Investigations / Reinhard, Gina Yannitell666-669
 The APSA Congressional Fellowship: Value for Faculty from Teaching Colleges and Universities / Rose, Roger P670-672
 Sustaining Good Scholarship and Good Politics: The Steiger Fund / Biggs, Jeffrey673-674
 International / 675