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 In This Issue / 193-196
 Cell Biology Select / 197-200
 Enhancing NIH Grant Peer Review: A Broader Perspective / Bonetta, Laura201-204
 Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down: Inhibiting RNA Polymerase / Sousa, Rui205-206
 Nuclear Roadblocks for mRNA Export / Rondon, Ana G / Proudfoot, Nick J207-208
 A Ubiquitin-like Protein Unleashes Ubiquitin Ligases / Saifee, Nabiha Huq / Zheng, Ning209-210
 Kinetochores and Microtubules Wed without a Ring / Bloom, Kerry211-212
 Ensuring an Exit Strategy: RTEL1 Restricts Rogue Recombination / Villeneuve, Anne M213-215
 Nature, Nurture, or Chance: Stochastic Gene Expression and Its Consequences / Raj, Arjun / van Oudenaarden, Alexander216-226
 Hmga2 Promotes Neural Stem Cell Self-Renewal in Young but Not Old Mice by Reducing p16Ink4a and p19Arf Expression / Nishino, Jinsuke / Kim, Injune / Chada, Kiran / Morrison, Sean J227-239
 Identification of White Adipocyte Progenitor Cells In Vivo / Rodeheffer, Matthew S / Birsoy, Kivanç / Friedman, Jeffrey M240-249
 The P. furiosus Mre11Rad50 Complex Promotes 5´ Strand Resection at a DNA Double-Strand Break / Hopkins, Ben B / Paull, Tanya T250-260
 RTEL1 Maintains Genomic Stability by Suppressing Homologous Recombination / Barber, Louise J / Youds, Jillian L / Ward, Jordan D / Mcilwraith, Michael J / O'Neil, Nigel J / Petalcorin, Mark I R / Martin, Julie S / Collis, Spencer J / Cantor, Sharon B / Auclair, Melissa / Tissenbaum, Heidi / West, Stephen C / Rose, Ann M / Bou lton, Simon J261-271
 Lid2 Is Required for Coordinating H3K4 and H3K9 Methylation of Heterochromatin and Euchromatin / Li, Fei / Huarte, Maite / Zaratiegui, Mikel / Vaughn, Matthew W / Shi, Yang / Martienssen, Rob / Cande, W Zacheus272-283
 Cathepsin L Proteolytically Processes Histone H3 During Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation / Duncan, Elizabeth M / Muratore-Schroeder, Tara L / Cook, Richard G / Garcia, Benjamin A / Shabanowitz, Jeffrey / Hunt, Donald F / Allis, C David284-294
 The RNA Polymerase "Switch Region" Is a Target for Inhibitors / Mukhopadhyay, Jayanta / Das, Kalyan / Ismail, Sajida / Koppstein, David / Jang, Minyoung / Hudson, Brian / Sarafianos, Stefan / Tuske, Steven / Patel, Jay / Jansen, Rolf / Irschik, Herbert / Arnold, Eddy / Ebright, Richard H295-307
 THOSub2p Functions to Coordinate 3´-End Processing with Gene-Nuclear Pore Association / Rougemaille, Mathieu / Dieppois, Guennaelle / Kisseleva-Romanova, Elena / Gudipati, Rajani Kanth / Lemoine, Sophie / Blugeon, Corinne / Boulay, Jocelyne / Jensen, Torben Heick / Stutz, Françoise / Devaux, Frédéric / Libri, Domenico308-321
 Fibrils Connect Microtubule Tips with Kinetochores: A Mechanism to Couple Tubulin Dynamics to Chromosome Motion / Mcintosh, J Richard / Grishchuk, Ekaterina L / Morphew, Mary K / Efremov, Artem K / Zhudenkov, Kirill / Volkov, Vladimir A / Cheeseman, Iain M / Desai, Arshad / Mastronarde, David N / Ataullakhanov, Fazly I322-333
 Lrp4 Is a Receptor for Agrin and Forms a Complex with MuSK / Kim, Natalie / Stiegler, Amy L / Cameron, Thomas O / Hallock, Peter T / Gomez, Andrea M / Huang, Julie H / Hubbard, Stevan R / Dustin, Michael L / Burden, Steven J334-342
 Cytokine-Induced Signaling Networks Prioritize Dynamic Range over Signal Strength / Janes, Kevin A / Reinhardt, H Christian / Yaffe, Michael B343-354
 Mammalian 26S Proteasomes Remain Intact during Protein Degradation / Kriegenburg, Franziska / Seeger, Michael / Saeki, Yasushi / Tanaka, Keiji / Lauridsen, Anne-Marie B / Hartmann-Petersen, Rasmus / Hendil, Klavs B355-365
 Developmental Origin of Fat: Tracking Obesity to Its Source / Gesta, Stephane / Tseng, Yu-Hua / Kahn, C Ronald366-367
 The Hunt for Cyclin / Jackson, Peter K366
 SnapShot: Circadian Clock Proteins / Hamilton, Elizabeth E / Kay, Steve A368