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 The Political Economy of a Bilateral Investment Treaty - An astonishing increase in the number of bilateral investment treaties concluded during the l990s appears to signal the emergence of a liberal international investment regime. The author argues,howe / Vandevelde, Kenneth J621-641
 The Legal Mandate of Multilateral Development Banks as Agents for Change toward Sustainable Development - In view of multilateral development banks' critical role in global development, can furthering sustainable development be squared with their mandate / Handl, Günther642-665
 Agora: Breard - The Facts / Charney, Jonathan I / Reisman, W Michael666-674
 The Abiding Relevance of Federalism to U.S. Foreign Relations / Bradley, Curtis A / Goldsmith, Jack L675-678
 Provisional Measures, U.S. Treaty Obligations, and the States / Henkin, Louis679-682
 Breard and the Federal Power to Require Compliance with ICJ Orders of Provisional Measures / Vázquez, Carlos Manuel683-690
 Breard and Treaty-Based Rights under the Consular Convention / Paust, Jordan J691-696
 The Justiciability of Paraguay's Claim of Treaty Violation / Damrosch, Lori Fisler697-703
 Zschernig v Miller and the Breard Matter / Kirgis, Frederic L704-707
 Court to Court / Slaughter, Anne-Marie708-712
 Confronting Difference: The Puzzling Durability of Gentili's Combination of Pragmatic Pluralism and Normative Judgment / Kingsbury, Benedict713-723
 The Enforcement of Security Council Resolution 687: The Threat of Force against Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction / Wedgwood, Ruth724-728
 Myres Smith McDougal (1906-1998) / Falk, Richard A / Higgins, Rosalyn C / Reisman, W Michael / Weston, Burns H729-733
 Contemporary Practice of the United States Relating to International Law / Nash, Marian734-750
 International Decisions - Edited by Bernard H. Oxman Alejandre v. Republic of Cuba Stephen - U.S. district court judgrnent on Cuba's immunity from suit and liabiliq for death caused by shooting down of private aircraft / Schnably, J751-773
 International Decisions - Edited by Bernard H. Oxman Prefecture of Voiotia v. Federal Republic of Germany - Greek trial court judgrnent on Gerrnany's immunity from suit and liability for unlawful acts against persons and property during World War II occup / Bantekas, Ilias751
 International Decisions - Edited by Bernard H. Oxman In re Aquarone - French Council of State decision on immunity from taxation of pension of former Registrar of the International Court of Justice / Riesenfeld, Stefan A751
 International Decisions - Edited by Bernard H. Oxman United States v. Balsys - U.S. Supreme Court ruling on privilege against self-incrimination where witness fears foreign prosecution / Amann, Diane Marie751
 International Decisions - Edited by Bernard H. Oxman European Communities--Measures concerning Meat and Meat Products - World Trade Organization Appellate Body report on European Community import restrictions on hormone-treated beef / Wirth, David A751
 International Decisions - Edited by Bernard H. Oxman Land and Mantime Boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria - International Court of Justice ruling on jurisdiction and admissibility in case concerning land and maritime boundary / Bekker, Peter H F751
 The International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombings / Witten, Samuel M774-781
 Possession contestée et souveraineté territoriale / Kohen, Marcelo G / Ratner, Steven R782-783
 The Inter-American Human Rights System / Davidson, Scott / Reisman, W Michael784
 UNHCR and Voluntary Repatriation of Refugees: A Legal Analysis / Zieck, Marjoleine / Brill, Walter L785-790
 Reconceiving International Refugee Law / Hathaway, James C / Brill, Walter L785
 The Concept of International Obligations Erga Omnes / Ragazzi, Maurizio / Carrillo-Salcedo, Juan-Antonio791-792
 International Law and Australian Federalism / Opeskin, Brian R / Rothwell, Donald R / Balkin, Rosalie793-795
 Global Oceans Politics: The Decision Process at the Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, 1973-1982 / Miles, Edward L / Anderson, David796-797
 Beyond thc Law of the Sea: New Directions for U.S. Oceans Policy / Galdorisi, George V / Vienna, Kevin R / Colson, David A798
 The Ethics of War / Coates, A J / Green, L C799-801
 International Law Concerning Child Civilians in Armed Conflict / Kuper, Jenny / Mermet, Joël802-803
 Art Treasures and War / Kowalski, Wojciech W / Nafziger, James A R804-805
 The Lost Museum / Feliciano, Hector / Nafziger, James A R804
 The Spoils of War / Simpson, Elizabeth / Nafziger, James A R804
 The Scarcity of Water: Emerging Legal and Policy Responses / Brans, Edward H P / Haan, Esther J de / Nollkaemper, André / Rinzema, Jan / Klug, Heinz806-807
 Review Essay: The Retreat of the State: The Diffusion of Power in the World Economy / Strange, Susan / Spiro, Peter J808-813
 Review Essay: Environmental Activism, and World Civic Politics / Wapner, Paul808
 Review Essay: Along the Domestic-Foreign Frontier: Exploring Governance in a Turbulent World / Rosenau, James N808
 Review Essay: Activists Beyond Borders: Advocacy Networhs in International Politics / Keck, Margaret E / Sikkink, Kathryn808
 Briefer Notices: Bassiouni, 812; Boisson de Chazournes, Desgagné, and Romano / 814
 Collected Essays: Liber Amicorum: Professor Ignaz Seidl-Hohenveldern in Honour of his 80th Birthday / 815
 Collected Essays: Recueil des cours. CoUected Courses of the Hague Academy of International Law 1997 (Vol. 264) / 815
 Collected Essays: International Law: Theory and Practice: Essays in Honour of Eric Suy / 816
 Books Received / 817-820
 Collected Essays: Max Planck Yearbook of United Nations Law 1997 (Vol. 1) / 817
 Collected Essays: Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 1997 (Vol. 28) / 817
 International Legal Materials. Contents, Vol. XXXVII, No. 4 (July 1998) and No. 5 (September 1998) / 821-823
 Table of Cases / 824-826
 lndex / 827