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 Causation and Responsibilty / Moore, Michael S1-51
 Negligence / Simons, Kenneth W52-93
 Responsibility and Consent: The Libertarian's Problems with Freedom of Contract / Katz, Leo94-117
 The Irrelevance of Responsibility / Long, Roderick T118-145
 On Responsibility in Science and Law / Staddon, John146-174
 Responsibility and the Abuse Excuse / Stocker, Micheal175-200
 Why Citizens Should Vote: A Causal Responsibility Approach / Goldman, Alvin I201-217
 Institutionally Divided Moral Responsibility / Richardson, Henry S218-249
 Fate, Fatalism, and Agency in Stoicism / Sauvé Meyer, Susan250-273
 Ultimate Responsibility and Dumb Luck / Mele, Alfred R274-293
 Taking Responsibily for Our Emotions / Sherman, Nancy294