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 Special Issue: Technology-Based Collaborative Learning: A European Perspective /
 Introduction to Special Issue / Kirschner, Paul A5-7
 Is Technology-Based Collaborative Learning Antisocial? or, What We Are Doing to Make It So! / Kirschner, Paul A8-12
 Collaborative Learning and ICT Tools / Valcke, Martin13-16
 The Use of Virtual Forums to Promote Collaborative Learning in Higher Education / Gros, Begona / Adrian, Mariella17-20
 Collaborative Learning at a Distance with the Project Method / Haake, Joerg M21-24
 Online Collaborative Learning: Will Collaboration Scripts Reduce Uncertainty? / Mäkitalo, Kati25-29
 3D Learning in the Workplace and at School: Playing, Learning, or Both? / Jong, Frank P C M de30-33
 How to Make Collaborative Learning More Successful with Innovative Technology / Järvelä, Sanna / Häkkinen, Päivi34-38
 Situating Collaborative Learning: Educational Technology in the Wild / Ludvigsen, Sten R / Morch, Anders I39-43
 Support in Learning Environments: Touching the Limits of Instructional Design / Elen, Jan / Clarebout, Geraldine44-47
 Designing Electronic Tools for Collaborative Learning Environments / Kirschner, Paul A48-52
 Textbooks Used in Graduate Programs in Instructional Design and Technology: Changes Over the Past Twelve Years / Reiser, Robert A / Mackal, Melissa / Sachs, Steven G53-61
 Interviews with Badrul Khan: Interview with Khaled Al-Sultan / 62