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Advance request for books located in library storerooms

What is that?

The goal of this service is to provide an easier access to the books stored in closed access areas

How to do an advance request

The items which are not borrowed and are located in the storerooms of libraries mentioned below need to be requested in advance. You can at any time request them online and they will be fetched for you by library staff.

The person who made the request must collect the requested book in the specified library from the appointed time till library closing time.

You can at any time cancel your request by logging in your library account

It is the user"s responsibility to collect the requested items. Failure to do so implies the cancellation of the service according to these rules:

  • 5 items not collected: warning message
  • 8 items not collected: suspension of the service (3 days)

Who can place an advance request

Users with valid and current library card can request in advance books stored in closed access areas

Libraries which offer this service

  • Media and Communication Science
  • Law
  • Education
  • Language Studies
  • Geography and History
  • Medicine