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Complutense Digital Collection

PDC is the web portal through which the BUC's digitized collections are available. At this portal you can find:

Complutense Manuscripts

This collection contains a selection of 214 manuscripts held at the Complutense University Library of Madrid. 

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Complutense Incunabula

This collection contains 15th century printed books held at the Complutense University Library of Madrid

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Complutense Old Printed Materials

Library Complutense old prints from the XVI to XXI centuries. 

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Piranesi Engravings

The complete collection of Giambattista Piranesi and his son Francesco is composed by 1135 engravings and is preserved in the Historical Library of the UCM.

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Fine Art Old Drawings from the Fine Arts Faculty (between 1752 and 1914)

A set of 285 drawings covering a period between 1752 and 1914. The technique is charcoal pencil, graphite or sanguine ink and its authors are former students of the School of Fine Arts. 

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Personal Archive of Rubén Darío

The Archive collects the documents provided to the Spanish Ministry of Education in 1956 by the poet’s partner Doña Francisca Sanchez and subsequently deposited at the Faculty of Philology of the UCM. The digitization has allowed access to a faithful image of over 2.300 of the original documents, thanks to Rocío Oviedo and Luis Saínz de Medrano projects.

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Lafuente Ferrari Photographic collection

The Photographic Archive Enrique Lafuente Ferrari (1898-1985), currently located in the Historical Library, consists of 11,545 old slides over glass plate belonging to the most famous Photographic Studios dedicated to the commercialization of art reproductions slides for educational purposes in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century

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Cartographic material, maps and city views

22 complete digitized atlas and 300 maps of the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries. 

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Photos of the Civil War from the Historical Archive of the Communist Party of Spain

Spanish Civil War Photographic Collection of the Historical Archive of PCE. It contains approximately 3,200 photographs and 2,000 negatives. Its authors are Mayo, Centelles, Alfonso, Torrents, Albero and Segovia. They are grouped in different series, such as Madrid, Bombing, Propaganda, the Battle of the Ebro, etc.

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University Complutense 19th Century Theses collection

404 theses presented at the Complutense University in the nineteenth century.

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and much more.


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