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Research evaluation

General Resources

  • ERIH 
    European Reference Index for the Humanities
  • DICE 
    Dissemination and editorial quality of spanish journals of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law
  • RESH 
    Spanish Journals of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • IN-RECH 
    Spanish journals of Humanities
  • MIAR 
  • CIRC 
    (Integrated Scientific Journals Classification) integrates different products of assessment, including the Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
  • Magazines accredited by FECYT
  • CARHUS +
  • SPI (2014) 
    (Scholarly Publishers Indicators) Books ( previous version ) 
    • IN-RECS 
      Spanish Journals of Social Sciences (previously recognized)
    • IN-RECJ 
      Spanish magazines of Legal Sciences (previously recognized)
    • IHCD 
      Spanish Medical Journal

Specific Publications