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Services for people with special needs

The Complutense University Library provides People with special needs various specialized services to improve the information access and its use. To use them, it’s neccesary to have an official disability certification and users must be registered in the university office for people with disabilities (OIPD).


Location of documents

When users aren’t able to locate and borrow documents by themselves, the staff will do it for them. Besides, staff will make the information searches if needed.

Document digitalization

If users with print disabilities need a document not allowed for being borrowed, the can borrow it with a special permission. The document can also be borowed to an organization of people with disabilities if the library management allows it.

Besides if the library management agrees, a document can be digitalized.

Adapted reader places for people with special needs

The library in cooperation with the university office for people with disability (OIPD) and ONCE (Spanish blind organization)  have adapted serveral reader places in different blibraries. Reader places offers Jaws, Zoomtext and OCR software.

You can consult the adapted reader places 

Information services

Users can ask information for a specialized librarian via web forms, e-mail, chat or phone.

Borrowing Service

Users with special needs have special borrowing conditions. The loan lasting is a double period longer than users with a similar profile (students and researchers). In cases of movement disability and long periods at hospital, documents can be borrowed by users via web or telephone.  The documents could be picked up by another person with the user’s permission.

Reservation and renovation services

Reservations and renovations of allowed documents can be made via web or phone. + Information

Users with special needs have the same conditions that other users have.

Interlibrary loan service

Interlibrary Loan Service’s goal is to get documents from any external library to Complutense University members; and provide access to our holdings to other institutions’ libraries. + Information


The library offers specialized training services adapted to users with disabilities.