Biblioteca Complutense


Usage of in-house facilities:

The reading room is provided with 33 seats all of which have connection to the Internet. Manual files, arranged according to their previous location until the conversion process currently taking place is finished, can also be found in this room. Roundabout 30% of the Rare Book holdings can be found on the Online catalogue Cisne. 

The reference collection as well as José Simón Diaz Library, both located in the reading room, are free access.

The reading room opens from 9 to 20,30 h.

Specialized information and reference:

The reference section gathers bibliographic repertoires, catalogues, dictionaries, encyclopaedias, handbooks and papers specialized in bibliographical heritage. Besides, the collection bestowed by Professor José Simón Diaz assembles a substantial amount of literature, history and biographical works.

A bibliographic source collection for the study of rare books is also available which, together with the publication of working papers, provides important help for the study of our holdings.

The informing librarian has his office within the reading room. Our specialized staff will comply with the scholars" information demands.
We will try to answer your inquiries about search of information, electronic documents or databases.

• At the Library: Through the information table.
• By telephone: 913946612 (Monday to Friday, 9 to 21).
• Through our web site:

Reproduction service:

For research or study purposes Rare books are  digitalized within the Dioscorides Digital Library project.
All digital images in this collection are submitted to the Spanish Copyright Acts(art. 37 del R.D.L. 1/1996 de 12 de abril). Reproduction restrictions of certain items can also be determined by conservation purposes.
According to current legislation, copies are provide exclusively for scholarly or scientific research purposes; Consequently, they are not allowed to be reproduced or published for profitable aims. Researchers using any records in the collection should include a credit line with each item used. A copy of every work that uses library"s holdings must be donated to the Complutense University"s Library.


Only modern books and microfilms.

Copies on CD:

Digitalized images are stored on TIFF at 400 dpi.

Rare books reproductions (only for books before 1830) can be ordered through ordinary mail, telephone, fax or email,to:
Biblioteca de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Biblioteca Histórica "Marqués de Valdecilla"
C/ Noviciado, 3
28015 Madrid
Telephone: 913946642 - 913946612 - Fax: 913946599. E-mail:

Digital Images Fees:

Item 2014 Fees:
Each digital image of a full text book 0,35 €
Each initial group up to 10 images 9,10 €
Each digital image in addition to the first group. 1,25 €
No distinction is made between CD and paper copies. Only for books before 1800
UCM members: Digital images of full text books: 0,20€. Each initial group up to 10 images:7,00€

Preservation and Res


The Library"s restoration department is provided with the utmost up-to-date equipment and managed by experts. Although restoration service only fulfils library"s needs, its work does affect the use of the books in the reading room.

Teaching Support

The library"s bibliography and rare book history especialized staff will comply any time with scholars" information demands. Teachers and pupils may approach original sources within the Library"s Training Room.