Biblioteca Complutense

Using the Library

Our in-house materials are used in the reading room, where a free access Reference Collection, specialized in bibliographical heritage, can be found.

Reading room opening hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 to 20:30.


Who can use the library:

1. Holders of UCM Library"s card
- Teachers and administrative staff: free access
- Scholars, students and visitors need a written request
2. Teachers from universities of Comunidad de Madrid with "pasaporte Madroño"
3. Scholars who can justify the need of using the library will receive a provisional card


Who can obtain the card:

- Teachers from Spanish or foreign universities
- Members of Reales Academias, CSIC...
- Any scholar that justifies the need of using our holdings with a letter of introduction.


Requirements to obtain the card:

- National identity card or passport
- Application form
- Teacher or researcher: Professional Identification
- Students: Letter of introduction.