Biblioteca Complutense

Library activities and events

In order to the general acquaintance with our holdings the library has established a program of exhibitions, visits, conferences and publications. For this purpose we have arranged a 175 sqm. exhibition hall, that can actually be enlarged, and an 80 seats conference room provided with simultaneous translation and audiovisual resources, both located on the ground floor and with free access.

Exhibitions will offer the scholar the chance to admire items that cannot usually be seen displayed together, and will allow the learned public an approach to books which are not frequently lent due to preservation reasons.

Visits, therefore, will be focussed on these exhibitions and occasionally show the running of the library"s different services. Library"s holdings, as well as Book and Written Culture"s history will focus conferences and courses, be them specialized or informative. The library"s publishing service is intended to help the scholar, as well as spread our bibliographical heritage through researches and copies on diverse media.

  • Exhibitions (in the Library and external exhibitions that currently exhibits items belonging to Biblioteca Histórica)